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Lucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus) — “De Rerum Natura”


Navigia atque agri cullturas moenia leges
arma vias vestes et cetera de genere horum,
praemia, delicias quoque vitae funditus omnis,
carmina picturas, et daedala signa polire,
usus et impigrae simul experientia mentis
paulatim docuit pedetemtim progredientis.
Sic unum quicquid paulatim protrahit aetas
in medium, ratioque in luminis erigit oras.
namque alid ex alio clarescere corde videbant [et ordine debet]
artibus, ad summum donec uenere cacumen.


[from: Lucretius — “De Rerum Natura”, v.1448 sqq.]
Ships and agriculture, fortifications and laws, arms, clothing, and all else of this kind, life’s prizes, its luxuries also from first to last, poetry and pictures. the shaping of statues by the artist, all these as men progressed gradually step by step were taught by practice and the experiments of the active mind. So by degress time brings up before us every single thing, and reason lifts in into the precints of light. For their intelect saw one thing after another grow famous amongst the arts, until they came to their highest point.
Lucretiu s (Titus Lucretius Carus)

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